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He Ying Ying, CCF Hope Train 2021 Ambassador

Meet Yuan (缘)!

Yuan (缘) means Affinity and Connection in Mandarin. I named her as such because through this campaign, I believe more people are able connect with our young beneficiaries and listen to their stories. I also named my whale Yuan because I believe my affinity for Art has guided me to volunteer for this deeply meaningful campaign.

(PS: Yuan (愿) also means Wish and Hope in Mandarin!)

Yuan, who has a heart of gold (the colour of Childhood Cancer Awareness), has met her 12 other whale-friends and is deeply inspired by their strength! Yuan the cat-whale is so inspired that she now carries their stories with her wherever she goes - like the camo print on her underbelly, the police stripes on her sides, and the dinosaur scutes and mushrooms on her back. In fact, Yuan carries with her a set of bowling pins so her friend, the Bowler Whale, could play with her anytime he wants!

Yuan wishes to spread light, love and positivity! Her goal is to introduce her 12 whale-friends to the rest of the world, so everyone else can understand them better.

My whale will be up for sale at $2000! 100% of the gross proceeds will be donated to CCF. Please adopt Yuan! She is very friendly and cuddly.


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