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For the first time ever, Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) will be launching a physical Hope Train in October. Let the countdown begin!

While the Hope Train is being remodelled, take a moment to view life through the eyes of our beneficiaries.

the skies we shareD

My favourite painting changes from time to time

It sits at the side of my eye

It tells me day and night

It sends me clouds to say Good Morning!


There are days through chemo and scans

There are days of resting with beeping sounds

All I want to is to turn around and look outside

Wondering what others are doing under the skies I see


My favourite painting is the skies we share

Sometimes bright and sunny

Sometimes blue and calming

Sometimes gloom and rainy

I am returning home now

Some days I survived

Some days I am surviving, or trying to

My favourite painting remains framed by the window


Days passes, years passes

I recalled the skies that accompany me

School passes, life starting

The skies keep changing but still the same sky

My favourite painting remains framed by the window


I am home now

There is no more alcohol smell

Only the smell of my chou-chou

Accompanying me as we look up

And share the skies together

Pen a short message of hope or poem to show our beneficiaries that, like the skies, your support is a constant in their lives.

The physical Hope Train will showcase selected artworks by CCF beneficiaries and Hope Train’s ambassador, He Ying Ying. Themed ‘The Skies We Shared,’ the paintings reflect the universal experiences of children affected by childhood cancer.

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