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Mohamad Aryan Haqim Bin Mohamad Nazri,
6 years old

Mamawhale is a strong and caring whale who loves her dinosaur toys. She has many wonderful friends and each of them are the best team players ever. Mamawhale loves them because they are the most trustworthy, helpful and sincere friends she would ever find in all of the ocean! Their favourite activities include UNO, ocean soccer and playing hide-and-seek amongst the corals.


Once, Mamawhale almost lost her colours as she was hunted by poachers trying to turn her into whale soup! Thankfully, her trusty ocean friends came to her rescue. They had pretended to be sharks to scare the poachers off! Phew. With friends like these, Mamawhale knows that she will always be able to count on them. With them, she is resilient, hopeful, courageous, positive and is full of faith.


Aryan chose to name his whale, Mamawhale, as a tribute to his mummy, Linda.


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