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the Happy Whale

Aiden J De Silva, 7 years old

Lolly’s colourful appearance is a reflection of his happy and positive personality. Lolly puts on his trusty blue cap when he heads out for a swim, and enjoys being outdoors.


Being the thoughtful and caring whale that he is, he brings a pack of colourful papers and mini pom-poms in his mouth to gift others who do not have materials to do crafts. He understands what it is like to go through hard days, and hopes that everyone will get to do something to brighten their days.


Lolly also has an important message for those who are having a difficult time. “Everything will be okay!”. Lolly believes in his message very much and his positive mindset has helped him to overcome many challenges. 

Adopted by:


GlobalFoundries Singapore Pte Ltd

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