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Arppy Whale
Ayush Manikanda Preetha, 10 years old

Arppy is a brave and positive whale. He enjoys going to school but one day, he felt pain in his fins. He had to go through a “big and painful” treatment with injections and blood tests. Although it was painful, he remained calm and did not cry as he believed he will be well again.


Arppy likes doing art. He drew so that he could be ‘distracted’ from feeling sad. While he drew, his body was also fighting well against his sickness and finally, he recovered! He is now a happy and attractive whale.


He wants to share how he overcame his illness with bravery, positivity and his beautiful drawings. He hopes to encourage others like him so that they too can transit towards light and hope.

Adopted by:

L Energy Pte Ltd.

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