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The Pop-It! Artist

Alveena Safiyya Binti Haddy Shuhry, 7 years old

Aleesa the Pop-It! Artist is a personification of Alveena and how she copes creatively with her frequent hospital admissions and experiences.


Born into a family of colourful whales, Aleesa is a carefree and creative whale who aspires to be a Pop-It! Artist. Not quite the ordinary baby whale, Aleesa enjoys durians and has colourful tastebuds too.


In her free time, Aleesa sings, dances, and makes rainbow splatter wherever she swims. That is how she spends time through the good and bad days. Creating rainbow splatters using her flippers, she continues to make artistic portraits for every whale friend she meets.

Adopted by:

Chua Ting

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