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Ah Pong,
Still the Original 

Celeste Chang Ning, 18 years old

I am a stray cat that likes being alone. Life in the alley is hard but I get re-energised when I meet with kindness. One day, I encountered a gang of sewer rats bullying a tiny mouse. Enraged, I gave chase and terrorised them. It wasn't easy but I won the fight eventually and saved the mouse. 
I am the stray cat that may not be having the best time but I know that there are others who are going through tougher times, just like the tiny mouse. The creator of this whale named it Ah Pong and i decided to keep it. Because no matter what I've drawn, Ah Pong still remains Ah Pong. Just like how i have gone through many changes, I am still me... what has changed is that i have grown.

Children with cancer can choose to give up easily but we don’t. We are strong like warriors fighting for our lives. Children with cancer have done much more than anyone has. Special thanks to the doctors and nurses who have shown me kindness on my childhood cancer journey.

Adopted by

Drew & Napier LLC

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