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ABC Whale 
Damien Wai Renjie, 5 years old

Being sick means having to go through treatment and many hospital visits. ABC Whale is sick and has to undergo procedures, take medication and endure the discomfort of having a nasogastric tube (NG tube) inserted via his nose because of his poor appetite. Despite experiencing pain, anger and frustration, ABC Whale uses three special powers to help him get through his treatments.


Appreciation - He always appreciates the smallest wins, and is grateful for the good moments.

Bravery - He gets scared, but he is brave to still go through whatever is needed to help himself get better.

Celebration - His daddy and mummy always find moments to celebrate small milestones and special occasions together as a family.


With these three powers, ABC Whale regains his shiny coat of happy bright colours and is ready to go for his next adventure!

Adopted by

CWT Pte. Limited

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